Mud Cottages Lake View Forest Camping

Mud Cottage Lake View Forest camping and Farm stay. Beautiful view of Malvandi , Pawna lake and Tikona fort from campsite

Tikona, Pavnanagar

Basic Package:- 1200/- Person Standard Package:- 1500/- Person Cottege Stay:- 2000/- Person


Mud Cottages Lake View Forest Camping Photo

Rusticville farm stay and camping is a hill top property overlooking the backwaters of Pawana lake on one side and Tikona fort on the other side. This is a awesome and premium campground situated in the forest of Sahyadri mountain.

We also have tents stay which provide for a more adventurous stay with sleeping bags and camping mattress. The tents are more suited for bigger groups who would want to have a night out with family and friends. A small organic farm adorns the place and enables the young ones to learn about various plants and vegetables.

About Mud Huts / Homes

Mud huts are made using a traditional technique of mixing earth and grass to create a strong bond and possess properties far better than modern homes. 

1. Mud huts are made from all natural material and have zero carbon footprint.

2. These homes are way stronger than modern homes made from cement and bricks.

3. Mud huts possess a thermal insulation property which allows it to stay warm during winters and cool during summers. During summers, the temperature inside a hut could be 10 degrees cooler than outside atmosphere.

4. A plaster of cow dung allows it to possess qualities of being waterproof and mosquito repellent nature. At the same time it also purifies the air and helps with better breathing ability.

5. A cow dung flooring is also said to help with an easier transition of energy between the body and the earth. This helps to maintain a balance between nature and the body. The earth is supposed to accept negative energies in our body and transmit back positive energies to us.

6. Sleeping on mud floors is also helpful to people suffering from back pain and improper posture. 

7. It is FUN to stay in these huts that provide us with so many positives.

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Camping Package Includes

  • On Arrival: Tea and snacks to brighten your mood
  • Barbecue: BBQ of your choice
  • Unlimited Dinner: Unlimited simple buffet dinner
  • Private Bonfire: for each group 
  • Morning Breakfast: Choice of three dishes in breakfast
  • Activities: Outdoor games like archery, cricket, volleyball, badminton and indoor games like carom, board games and dart games
  • Stay in tents

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