Terms and Conditions

1. Camp Pawna provide campsite booking service at Pawna Lake. To book a camp at Pawna  person /camper must be agreed to our terms and conditions. Before booking please read following terms and conditions carefully.  

2. Proper care must be taken by each and every camper while enjoying any activity. It should not cause any harm in the form of Nominal Injuries or Life Threatening (Death) to themselves and other campers and any damage to the campsite. If any damage is done to the campsite or any property of the campsite, charges will have to be paid immediately. We do not take any responsibility if any harm arises to you (Injuries or Death) or your property/ belongings while enjoying such activities.

3. We request our campers not to bring any valuables like jewelry or gold ornaments at the campsites. We do not bear any responsibilities if the same is lost or damaged.  

4. We do not encourage people to drink alcohol or smoke. But if campers are willing, they must ensure that such acts will not cause any problem to other campers and the property of the campsite. If damage is caused, the responsible camper will be penalized monetarily.

5. Our activities are not insured. We don’t include any type of insurance in any form for any kind of mishaps. Booking amount also does not involve any kind of insurance fee. Management and staff will not be involved & looking into such insurance cases.

6. If you are bringing kids of any age or pets, one needs to take care of them on their own. Campsite management will not be responsible for looking after it. 

7. Booking cancellation will be processed as per cancellation policy. 

8. Alcohol, Cigarettes and other  intoxication are not provided on campsite. if customer/person carries any intoxication with him/her then he/she will be responsible for It.

9.  If any person/customer at campsite violates any law will pay damages and legal action will be taken against him/her. 

10. If any person/customer misbehave with staff or other camper or with any person on campsite then camp coordinator or host can ask him/her to leave campsite at any time or can take legal action against him/her. 

 11. Do not bring any weapons or harmful instrument, liquid or chemicals on campsite area, if found then that person & his/her group will be asked to leave the the campsite within no time.

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