Bedse Caves ( बेडसे लेणी ) are a group of Buddhist rock-cut monuments situated in Maval taluka, Pune District, Maharashtra, India. The history of the caves can be traced back to the Satavahana period in the 1st century BCE.

There are two main caves. The best known cave is the chaitya with a comparatively large stupa, the other cave is the monastery or vihara. They are marked by a profusion of decorative gavaksha or chaitya arch motifs.

Address:  At Bedse Village,Taluka Maval, District Pune, Maharashtra. pin 410405.

Bedse Caves Location

These caves are situated on top of mountain near Bedse Village. Bedse is near to Pavana nagar, About 55 Km from Pune and 27 Km from Lonavala. These are about 9 Km from Bhaja Caves.

Nearest bus stop: 1. Bedse 2. Kamshet

Nearest railway station: 1. Kamshet 2. Lonavala

Nearest Airport : Pune

Bedse Caves near pawna lake

Now this place is well known for day trekking.

Bedse Caves are less known when compared to Karla Caves and Bhaja Caves. This place is awey from main route hence you won’t find crowd here so you can peacefully enjoy the spectacular views of this place.

mountain View

The best time to visit Bedse Caves is during monsoon when you get lush green views of the hills. in monsoon many types of flowers add colors to beauty of the mountains.

Wild flowers Bedse Caves
Wild flowers Bedse Caves
Wild flowers Bedse Caves
Bedse Caves
main chatya gruha
Wild flowers Bedse Caves
Main Stup
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Supriya Joshi · October 14, 2018 at 9:16 am

Very nice pictures. I want to visit this place.
What is the best time to visit bedse caves and distance from Navi Mumbai?

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