Malavandi Lake (2018)

Sunset at Malavandi Lake

Malavandi Lake is an artificial lake built by government of Maharashtra in 1999-2000. The name ‘Malavandi’ is given by the nearby village  Malavandi Thule. The lake was built only for agriculture and tourism purpose. Farmers around this lake are very much dependent on this lake because all the crops they are taking are using the water of this lake only.

This lake is situated about 25 km away from Lonavala, 54 km from Pune and 122 km from Mumbai.
Malvandi Lake is build opposite to Pawna Lake for the villages who does not have any water sources. This lake is enclosed by mountains and forts named Vitandagad (Tikona Fort), Lohagad Fort, Visapur Fort and Kathingad (Tung Fort).

The Malavandi Lake perched by natural greenery and offers people an awesome relaxation from their daily workloads. Specially, the nights on the lakeside are very elegant! At night sensed that the billion stars from the sky came up on the lake!

Birds whispering around the lake sounds very clearly. In the morning birds sings song and peoples feels like that never experienced before! Then we realize that “the caged bird sings of freedom, but the freed bird sings of dreams!!!”

Most importantly, the campgrounds situated around this lake offers an great privacy and adventures experience, because this lake is away from main road and populated area. This lake is best camping destination for couples and families. At our campground you will experience the best view of sunrise and sunset, a photo above in this post is from actual site.

So let’s come and enjoy the adventurous camping experience with Camp Pawna at Malvandi Lake.
Thank you!

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