Pawna Lake is an artificial lake formed by backwater of Pawna Dam. This dam is constructed across the Pavana River. Situated near Lonavala only 25 Km from Lonavala city. Because of it’s beautiful view Pawna is a popular picnic and camping spot for Mumbai and Pune public. around 4000 people visit this place on every weekend from mumbai and pune city.

The pawna dam construction work began in 1963 and completed in 1972.

Pawna dam is build on Pawna river in Maval taluka of pune district. The capacity of this dam is 10 TMC.

The purpose of pawna dam is only for drinking water to the people in surrounding areas. Not for irrigation or any other use.

Pawna Dam

Pawna Dam (2018)



Pawna Lake

Pawna Lake (2018)

The waves and sands and forts around here have a story to tell. The king of Maratha Kingdom (Swarajya) Shivaji Maharaj started his movement from maval. There are four forts around Dam which are Tung, Tikona, Lohagad and Visapur. All these are witness to this history. Also the great saint Tukaram Maharaj walked on this great land.Trekking packages for Rajmachi and Tikona start from Rs 500.

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Tourist Attractions Near Pawna Lake

Forts Around Pawna

  1. Tikona – 4 km
  2. Tung – 22 km
  3. Lohagad – 16 km
  4. Visapur – 17 km
  5. Morgiri – 21 km
  6. Rajmachi – 34 km

Nearby Dams

  1. Malavandi Dam – 5 km
  2. Hadshi Dam – 7 km
  3. Mulshi Dam – 34 km
  4. Bhushi Dam – 24 km
  5. Valvan Dam – 22 km

Nearby Caves

  1. Karla Caves – 30 km
  2. Bhaje Caves- 30 km
  3. Bedse Caves – 10 km
  4. Tikona Caves – 5 km
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