About Tikona Fort:

Tikona Fort is situated in pawan maval region of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s Swarajya (Maratha Kingdom). This fort is about 50 KM from Pune and 120 KM from Mumbai. This fort got his name by his shape which looks like triangular pyramid. The base village of this fort is Tikona Peth. Tikona Peth was well known as a market place for the fort and nearby villages at the time of chatrapati’s kingdome around 300 years back.

Most importantly, Tikona Fort is one of the best place around Pune for one day trip/trek. Tikona fort is easy to trek, hence most people comes here to day trekking. most tourists come here to enjoy the monsoon. Monsoon sowers happiness here in the form of drops of water. All the small mountainous and hills ware surrounded by waterfalls. Pawna, Malavandi and hadashi are 3 lakes around this fort. Tent camping near lake is very famous activity in this area.

History of Tikona Fort:

There is no record available about who built this fort. It is estimated on the basis of available evidence that this fort being built around seventh or eighth century. Malik Ahmad of Nizam Shahi dynasty conquered the fort in 1585 and annexed it to the Nizam territory. This is the first record found in the history about Tikona Fort.

In 1657, Shivaji Maharaj conquered the whole of Konkan, which had been Nizam territory. Shivaji Maharaj conquered Tikona along with the forts of Karnala, Lohgad, Mahuli, Songad, Tala, and Visapur. After winning the entire Konkan region, Shivaji Maharaj handed over the responsibility of maintaining the entire Konkan region to Netaji Palkar. This fort is in the middle of the entire Pawan Maval area. Hence it was a very important fort in terms of overall safety of Pawan Maval region. Also Tung, Tikona and Visapur were used for the protection of the Lohgad fort. At that time Lohagad was the important fort in Swarajya.

In 1660, Dhamale family, the Deshmukhs from Maval region were charged with ensuring the security of fort Tikona. Tikona fort was surrendered to the Mughal warrior Kubadkhan, who had attacked the region together with Halal Khan and others, according to the Treaty of Purandar signed on 12 June 1665. Kubad Khan took over the fort on 18 June 1665. Again this fort was recaptured by the Marathas in 1670.

In the era of Sambhaji Maharaj

In 1682 Sambhaji Maharaj met Aurangzeb’s son Akbar. After the meeting Akbar was offered to stay on Tikona Fort, however he was shifted to Jaitapur as the climate didn’t suit him. A small battle was fought by Maratha army with British in 1818 and finally British captured the fort. After that this fort was under the British territory till the independence of India.

How to reach Tikona Fort

From Pune there are 2 routs.

  1. Pune (ShivajiNagar) –> Chandni Chowk –> Pirangut –> Paud –> Kolwan –> Tikona (Around 52 KM from Shivajinagar)
  2. Pune (ShivajiNagar) –> Pimpri Chinchwad –> Dehuroad –> Kamshet –> Pawna Nagar –> Tikona (Around 65 KM from ShivajiNagar)

From Mumbai

  1. Mumbai (CSMT) –> Navi Mumbai –> Panvel –> Khopoli –> Lonavala –> Kamshet –> Pawna Nagar –> Tikona (Around 130 KM from CSMT)

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